26 January 2014

iGlass - so long!

I presented preliminary dating results at a meeting of iGlass, the project I work for. By the time the final results get presented I will no longer be there. The next project meeting is likely to take place in September; after my contract expires. So it will be the last time I see these people as colleagues. Sad! It's a nice bunch. But science doesn't wait.

It's always good to present one's data to one's colleagues, and get insightful questions. And it's nice to discuss what our data means to the modellers, and what the models mean for our data. You always go home more motivated and inspired. But this time, my mind wasn't with the project as much as it normally is.
The somewhat dilapidated hotel I stayed in

In less than two weeks I'll have a job interview in Bangor, Wales. If I get that job, I'll be out of iGlass even before my contract runs out. The job is part research, part teaching. And part of the job interview is giving a lecture. The topic is the British-Irish Ice Sheet; something I knew nothing about until very recently. But I have almost two weeks! Should be fine for reading up on the matter and making a presentation. Beside my day job. That's how university teaching often works anyway. If I can't do it, I shouldn't get the job. So I seized my chance when we had our project dinner; there are glaciologists in the project! So after day 1 I had a reading list and some people to email. And after day 2 I had the project proposal and some powerpoint slides from the PI of the project the job is for. I may have been a bit silent during discussions, while I googled trains to, and hotels in Bangor, but that doesn't mean my time was wasted!

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