13 January 2014

Dentists' compliments

I seem not to have written about dentists at all since I started this blog. I can’t really remember if I went to one in Tromsø. I sure did in Plymouth, but clearly didn’t consider that newsworthy. But now I do. Not that there’s much to report on, but in this case I consider that news.

While living in Amsterdam, my annual visit to the dentist was barely more than an ego boost. I would come in, he would have a poke around, congratulate me with my excellent set of teeth and then I would be on my way. One year he even apologised for making me bike that far for so little, and suggested we go for a pint. But one should not get complacent. 

In Plymouth, probably after a few years of no check-ups, the cycle was continued. I just went there for a bit of polishing and a lot of praise. And then I moved to York. And there, for the first time, one of my teeth started feeling like it might need some work. And I must say, I am a bit paranoid about dental issues. I am keen to keep the pristine shape I am in unaltered, and I still have unpleasant memories of having four teeth pulled when I was 11 in order to make some space. Imagine me with four molars more in my jaw! And these were fairly accessible. I don’t want to think about getting caries and having to have my wisdom teeth pulled. But maybe avoiding that requires professional help. Time to find a dentist. 

When I got to the correct building, I noticed a very vocal cat (how could I not!) on the pavement. I was early; I parked my bike and made closer acquaintance. A good sign! A dentist with a nearby flirtatious cat MUST be a good dentist. 

 The silly thing wouldn't sit still; he's a bit blurry in all the pics

And it was not, by my somewhat inexperienced judgement, only a good dentist; he was very thorough, and checked all sorts of things, like how the teeth in my upper and lower jaw actually fit together, that had never been checked. And he commented on the "huge" flexibility of my jaw - call me Python! It was also one that continued the good news. The painful tooth only had a very slight and reversible gum issue. Otherwise I’m still in spiffing dental shape! I’m glad. Let’s keep it that way. And I hope that cat is there again next time I visit…

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