04 August 2012

Skeptical about converting skeptics

"The Conversion of a Climate-Change Skeptic - great example of science at work!" a friend twittered. And I do tend to see the sunny side of things! But this time I failed to share the enthusiasm. I had a look at what this converted skeptic had to say, and I emerged with a bad taste in my mouth. Is it just me? Judge for yourself! I wrote on my science blog what my issues are. Maybe I am a dug-in inflexible climate scientist who just can't accept anything from someone who is associated with the Koch brothers. (Or as the Anti Europa Partij calls it: a so-called scientist who has been lying, cheating and robbing!) Or maybe I have a point, and this man is a liar who has managed to convince the most intelligent and knowledgeable of people! Read for yourself...

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