13 August 2012

Home improvement

I don't like pull cords! It was the second time in the duration of my occupancy that the licht switch in the bathroom broke. And the bathroom has no windows. Most impractical! And I don't have a ladder, so in order to replace it I have to balance on the bath, standing on my toes, reaching high above my head, not able to see what I'm doing, and it's all very unpleasant. This time I got fed up; I decided to lug the coffee table to the bathroom, and the side table too, and make a veritable pile of furniture so I could work in relative comfort. And it took some trial and error, one electric shock (wrong switch!), and google (yay!) to get it done, but I was succesful! And then I decided that since I had almost emptied my living room of furniture anyway, I might as well hoover! So I did. I went on a veritable cleaning spree. So what started with pain and frustration ended in an impeccable house. End well all well!

Two tables to reach the ceiling switch in the bathroom; one stool to reach the mains switch and the other switches. DIY by a short person...

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