14 June 2011

Cripple photographer

It’s high time for another running blog post! Will this be one? It should! I loved the Plymouth Half Marathon, and wanted more. But first I wanted to let my ankle recover a bit from the cumulative trauma of first being smacked into tarmac or a bicycle or something like that, and then having to complete a half marathon while being discoloured and painful. And I figured that would take a day. Perhaps two. I was wrong.

When three days later I was still limping and feeling sorry for myself I decided to see my GP, and she said I had not only bruised the bone but also given the tendons a hammering, and she told me not to run for at least a few more days. So I didn’t, even though the limping soon ended. But on Saturday I did go on a very small caving trip with John, where I noticed just wearing caving boots hurt quite badly. So it wasn’t over yet! Surfing went quite fine as long as I did not zip up my neoprene boots, but I figured running would still be a no go. And there was a weekend of heavy caving coming up, and I didn’t want to push my ankle to the limit just before that. So when Neil went for a run on Thursday I didn’t join.

He was going to run the old railroad again, and I did come along just to get some fresh air. I could rummage around on the moors for a bit while he was lost behind the horizon. And that turned out to be a wise decision; it turned out to be a day with very dramatic skies, which are very good for photography. So I paparazzo’d away until I expected Neil back, by which time it had started to rain, which isn’t so good for the camera I was using.

I was a bit frustrated over not being able to join, but at least it got me some nice pics. Now let’s hope that ankle is back to normal soon, and I can bore everyone again with drivel about running!

 I got some nice pictures of clouds,

 thorny bushes,


dry horses,

wet horses,

and Neil (the red speck) coming back from his run...


Jesper Hansen said...

Nice photoes...


Margot said...

Thanks Jesper!