30 June 2011

Mr. Blue & Ms. Scruff on a roll

I thought this would be another Sunday in the “normal day” series. But when Neil emerged from his car looking like an Avatar I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

I hadn’t gone to see a classical concert for a while, and when I came across a flyer of the Plymouth Philharmonic Choir performing in one of the rare beautiful buildings in Plymouth I figured this was my chance.

The plan was that we’d meet at Neil’s, then go for dinner, looking all smart, and then proceed to the Guildhall for the concert. All very respectable and normal! But Neil had just come from a children’s birthday party, where the kids had evidently displayed unexpected initiatives. (Why didn't I take a picture?) That was funny enough, but it got better when Neil changed into a suit after having managed to get most of the blue paint off, but having failed to get the glitter off his face.

We both look decidedly dangerous in this picture, but in two quite different ways... and unfortunately the glitter doesn't show! 

The choir would perform Rossini and Jenkins; I had Youtubed the Rossini piece and liked it, but the Jenkins piece had been especially composed for the occasion and would remain a guess. And on the flyer they were listed in that order! But that’s not how it happened.

We entered the guildhall, where the average age dropped immediately by some 5 years. And it started with the modern piece. Not bad, but I prefer old! And so does Neil. After about a minute he started to look impatient. After the interval the style improved (welcome, Rossini!), but his patience was evidently running out, and somewhere in the middle of things he suddenly whispered “let’s go!” And there went the smart lady with the scruffy hair and the glittery pinstripe bloke, leaving the choir to the elderly. A good night, but still somewhat odd!

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