30 June 2011

Back underground

I hate inactivity! But when the punishment on activity is prolonged inactivity I can manage to bring myself to adhere to it. My physician had sufficiently scared me to make me stop running and caving for a while. And, admittedly, it paid off.

She said that if it wouldn't heal in 4 weeks I would have to go to hospital, which I really hoped wouldn’t be necessary. I interpreted that period quite liberally, and after that time the ankle was still a bit sore, but not at very worrying levels anymore. I decided to try using it again underground; there was a modest trip to Reed’s Cavern scheduled which seemed a good opportunity. The first big test was putting on the boots; as long as I didn’t touch the ankle it wouldn’t hurt, but my boots touch them, and the last time I wore them it was quite terrible. But no problems this time!

I had only been to Reed’s once, and evidently, there was so much I hadn’t seen the first time! We had a splendid scramble with five local cavers and two Axbridge guests. I wasn’t only trying my ankle, but also my new camera, and both worked very satisfactorily. We had a good time!

The "little man" again; read all about him here!

It's warm in there: but don't zip down your boiler suit before you've made your way through the stinging nettles...

After the trip we retreated for a swift half in the Abbey, where yet again I was complimented by the staff with my above-expectation hygiene, and then it was time to go home again. The first part of the road back to desired activity levels is taken successfully! The next step: a run!

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