16 June 2011


If you're young and disciplined, like prancing around in uniforms, and you are a bit too disciplined to be a boy or girl scout, the UK has another option for you. You can become a cadet. Can one in the Netherlands? Not as far as I know, but I admit I never asked. It's the youth version of all parts of the forces. Why do I know this? Well, for one thing, because Rob's been one, and he's been telling me about it. I was confronted with the phenomenon as well during the Half Marathon; it's them that hand you a bottle of water or a sponge at the watering stations. But more so because they train their marching skills outside my office window, for some reason or other. So when I'm working late I often do that to the sound of bellowed commands and stamping feet. It's a bit strange, but it could well be typical British culture unfolding in front of me, all for free!

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