03 January 2010

New year academically started

I had a new year's resolution. Two! Get me a proper mining helmet, and new glasses. The last pair had scratched lenses, a frame I found increasingly cumbersome, and as if it wanted to signal its wish for retirement it recently lost one nose rest. The helmet is still on the to do list, but the glasses-resolution is already all but accomplished. Next week I can go collect it from the optician.

Anyway. I had an old year's resolution too! There are still two Norwegian manuscipts to be finished. The second one needs input from my second author, but the first one I could finalize myself. And I wanted to do that before things got back to hectically normal after the christmas holidays... not a pleasant job, as I can't do all of that at home, and in the holidays the heating in the university buildings is off, and mine seems to be the coldest office there is around here. But science is a demanding lover. I have seen worse.

Just now I sent the manuscript to my second author. Even though I also had to spend time on my Durham presentation. Excellent! In the nick of time. If all goes well I can submit it when I come back to Plymouth after the Durham conference. Not a clean slate yet, but less filthy than before!


Viking said...

I remember the quote "Science is a demanding lover" from Griessen, Condensed Matter Prof at the VU. And later Chairman of FOM, but that aside. (In fact, he said "mistress"...).
But with your addition "I have seen worse" I keep wondering... Worse circumstances for doing science or... Worse lovers? ;-)
Happy Newyear!

Margot said...

Ah, I'm in proper company! And eh well, one does not exclude the other, does it?

Anonymous said...

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