16 January 2010

parallel planes

It's no surprise there's so many books and movies about portals to other worlds, and people suddenly ending up in a completely different life. Think Narnia. And it's so logical because we surf from plane to plane all the time. Live role players know all about it, for example. But on a more modest scale it works too. I live, for instance, on the science plane, and in the blogosphere, and somewhere out there in the mud. But I got somewhat stuck on the science plane.

Conferences tend to boost your enthusiasm about your work. So many interesting things being done! So many ideas of what you can do with your samples and your data! So many lovely people you turn out to work with, from a distance!

I came home, eager to continue with the Icenad samples, and eager to start with the Isle of Wight samples, and eager to spread the word much wider. The blog already bears witness to that last emotion. So into the lab I dived, and onto the blog I threw the layman's summary of my first article. That article, of course, was about my monsoon work, not all of which is published. So the spark set me on fire, and before I knew it I was working on the one last unpublished manuscript again. And I had been working on a Barents Sea manuscript just before leaving. And now all of it is rolling. I'm doing three jobs at the same time now! So not much time for other things...

So no new blogposts since the science outreach. Due to a cancelled trip no caving trip to blog about. A goodbye to Louise, but that's more for us who will miss her than for the blog. Well. With a bit of luck this wave will hit publication shore soon, and then I may be spotted again on the other available planes. I will do my best!

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