19 March 2022

Walk near Deiniolen

It had been months since I had gone for a walk! It was about time I went again. And when the forecast for a Sunday was glorious sunshine, I decided I needed to take advantage of it. Unfortunately, the forecast was also very strong wind, so I didn't want to be anywhere high. I decided on a bit of a maze of little public footpaths in the vicinity of Deiniolen. The weather wasn't as nice as I had hoped it would be; as it so happens, when I set off, it was atrocious. Rain violently slamming into my face. But I knew things would improve! So I just continued with my plan. I didn't intend to be out too long, but I wanted to see some beautiful landscape. And in the end I did. And it did get dry, and even a bit sunny at times. It was a short walk but I enjoyed it! This area is absolutely littered with beautiful ruins. And in between the ruins there are beautiful old dry stone walls and mossy trees and grim-looking rocks. Lovely!

Tan-y-Braich near Dinorwic

The sun coming out

Autumnal scene in March

Beautiful path

Old path with heavy duty demarcation

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