20 March 2022

Knotweed update

 I was just having lunch when the radio grabbed my attention. There was a consumer programme on, and they were going to discuss new regulations with regard to Japanese knotweed. That was music to my ears! It is hard to sell house if there is knotweed anywhere near it, but the dangers of this plant might be a bit overstated. And now new regulations would be coming in; If you buy a house you need to have it surveyed, and the Royal Institute for Chartered Surveyors has now released new guidelines. It seems that until now, surveyors had to basically raise big red flags if there was knotweed within 7 m of a property. Now they seem to be asked to do a bit of an evaluation of how dangerous it is; is it likely to, over time, topple over a dividing wall? Is it just sitting there and doing nothing? So I hope the stigma of knotweed will be a bit lessened now. I am aware that I have knotweed nearby, and that that could become a problem were I to want to sell the house. But it doesn't seem to be encroaching on the house at all. So should it really be such an issue? I hope this is a step in the right direction. But I will still try to kill it. Just in case!

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