14 March 2022

Blanket fort for the cat

When I do laundry, this tends to get the attention of the cat. If the weather is not good enough for hanging the wet clothes outside, I hang them in the office. I keep that room heated, as I spend a lot of time in it sitting down and not moving much. And it doesn't matter if it doesn't look decorative. I like to keep the living room scenic! But the office is a pragmatic space. And she likes it because she can claw at all the garments I take out of the basket to hang them up, and she can claw at them again when I take them down when they are dry. And she can clamber through the clotheshorse when it is up. And she can sit behind it. When it is in position, I often find her dozing in the corner behind the drying clothes. And I figured she likes to be nearby when I am working, but she likes to be a bit hidden. When I bought a new chair for the living room, she also turned out to be a lot keener to sit underneath it then on top of it! So I decided maybe I should build her a blanket fort. I've done that now! And the next time she came into the office, she checked it out. I think it's a success. And the next working day she was meowing at the office door. When I opened it she walked in and went straight into her fort. I take that as approval! I'm glad I could make her a bit more snug! 

Having fun with the clotheshorse

Hiding behind the clothes

The improvised fort

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