03 March 2022

First trip to the Netherlands in 1.5 years

When I received the email confirming a negative test result I felt like this time I would make it to the Netherlands. The previous time, a late change in the rules had thrown a spanner in the works. But this time I had driven to Manchester Airport, got swabbed, parked my car, and made my way to the terminal, all without issues. I thought I could check in without a test result, but would have to show it at the gate, but I was wrong. The check-in man sent me away until I had the result, but as soon as I checked my mail, it was there. So I was straight back, and I had faith that from that on all would be well. And it was true. 

The testing centre on Manchester airport 

Security was a bit suspicious of my toothpaste, but after having seen it in real life rather than on X-ray they let me through.

I had been a bit nervous about the whole being indoors with strangers the previous time I had travelled, but this time I was fully vaccinated and I was much more relaxed. I will probably get COVID sooner or later, and I should be about as well-prepared for it as I can be now!

I got to Schiphol without problems. And I got past immigration without any issues. Nobody checked my vaccination status, or my quarantine declaration. Oh well. Maybe because of my Dutch passport? Let’s hope this doesn’t happen in reverse on the way back. The Brits are flexible in who they let in how; all I should need for coming back is a passenger locator form. I think I will be ok!

At Schiphol I found out my travel card had expired. I clearly hadn’t been in the country for a while! But a new one was easily bought. And then I was on my way to Amersfoort. Things had worked out! I was finally going to see my close relatives again! 

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