30 July 2021

Plant library

Some people in Gerlan, including my friend Dani, had had a brainwave. They decided to create a plant library. It is far from uncommon to have plants in your garden or house that do well, and become too big or numerous to still fit in the space allocated to them. You can just chuck them away, of course, but that is not an ideal solution. So they decided to put up some shelving on a bit of empty ground, attach a sign "plant library" to it, and hope that the idea would take off. I thought it was an excellent idea. And I have a Contoneaster frigidus in my garden, and it's a beautiful shrub with decorative berries, but in autumn these berries fall off and create new Contoneasters. More of them than I have space for! I have put two of the babies in a pot, and these now live in the upstairs garden, but new plants keep popping up. I decided to dig a few out and place them in the plant library. To help any new provider of a home for them I put little signs with their names on it in the pots. If anyone wonders where to put them, they can just google the plant! I hope they will bring someone joy. And if so, I can supply more…

my plants

 the library

 waiting for a new home

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