23 July 2021

Walk in the river

When I came back from my World War II walk, I was properly cooked. So I quickly got into my swimming gear and headed for the river. I got in a lot earlier than the day before! I had a bit of a swim, supervised by the neighbour who had noticed me on the riverbank, but then decided I might use the opportunity to go for a bit of a walk. I was wet now anyway! And I had had the idea for a long time to just go for a walk in the river. This was a good day for it.

Walking through a river is not a fast endeavour, or at least not when I doing it. I did not intend to fall on my face. But I quite enjoyed it! I think few people get to see the river between the bits that are easily accessible. And it was beautiful and varied! Wide and shallow in some places; narrow, deep and fast in others. Some of the formations of the water-carved slate were amazing. And I even encountered a cute and curious dog along the way.

I only went so far as to be able to see the bridge behind the chapel. I took a picture and then turned back. I should do this more often; I could go further, and I could go downstream, and I could explore the other branch, as a few tens of metres upstream from my house a branch of the river that has split off rejoins the main branch again. And the summer is not over yet!

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