15 July 2021

Book signing for graduates

This is the second year in a row we do not have a graduation ceremony. That is a pity! It is nice to be able to finish off a formative period in your life, like your time at university, with a bit of a sense of occasion. And even though we know we could not possibly replace the pomp and circumstance of lots of people in gowns, and the grandiosity of the main hall of the University, we did want to do something, at least. And as two of my colleagues had edited a book about the ocean, we decided we should send out a copy of that book to each graduate, with a personal message in. So they had organised a book signing session at the university's print unit. I biked up there to do my part. It was nice to at least provide a personal message to my tutees! It is nicer to personally congratulate them, but well, what can one do. There will be a catch up ceremony when that sort of thing is advisable again, but it's not quite the same if you have that more than a year after you actually graduated. I hope they appreciate the books! And the messages. It's all you can give them in this strange period…

I forgot to take a picture of the actual book signing, so a picture of the sign of the Print Unit will have to do

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