01 September 2017


I'm sure I've made a cheesecake before! In my youth, probably. But not since. I think. But I would have dinner with Jaco and Marjan again, and the visiting party always bring dessert. And I like cheesecake! So I figured I'd give it a go. I googled a recipe and it didn't look complicated. The recipe was for vanilla, but I figured I could add any theme I felt like. And I thought of hazelnut and banana.

I made it after my Sunday walk, while also cooking at the same time. I completely forgot to take pictures! But I did not forget the finished product. It was appreciated by my hosts! I personally thought the cheese-stuff should have been a bit firmer, but it tasted good. But as we had already eaten ourselves quite full on focaccia we didn't even manage to eat half of it. But that's OK; I could bring it into work the next day!

I served it over lunch, and again it was appreciated. (All lunch-eaters were non-Brits so their judgement might have been honest rather than polite.) And then I had some left still!

I offered some to David as a peace offering (why this was a good idea will be revealed in the next post). It went down well! But he wasn't having much. I gave the rest to Guy, to take home, and eat with Kate. That cake went a long way! Maybe I should do it more often. But perhaps google some tips on easy cheesecake firmness...

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