29 September 2017

Kicked out of office

The last working day before the start of the academic year I was just sitting in my office, working away, when I heard feet approaching. David, the Head of School, appeared, together with my colleague Dei. David started to point around. It became clear that he wanted Dei to move into my office, and me to move out. Into Dei's office would make sense. It did fall out of the sky, though! It wasn't quite clear tome why. My office is way too big for one person, even for someone as senior as Dei. But would someone as senior as Dei be expected to share? That would be highly unusual.

I suppose time will tell. Not quite sure when we'll actually make the move! We have more to do in this time of the year. And I have had a month of enjoying Paul's desk!

 Not much longer my view!

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