03 September 2017

Don't pay the energy bill, part II

Success! I fought off the debt collectors. That was the people who were after me for an energy bill from my Plymouth address, but from the time after I had left. I sent them letters from my York and Bangor letting agencies which confirmed I had rented from them when I had. Then they fell silent. I gave them a week; then I mailed them again, saying I expected them to confirm they had the wrong person, and back off. As so far they had not really paid heed to what I had told them I added that I had already downloaded the code of conduct of the Credit Services Association (which these people were a member of), and a complaint form. Which was true! I knew I could challenge them on various points in that code of conduct document.

A few days later I received an email; they accepted the energy bill was not mine and they would contact me no more. Hurrah! Justice at last. It's a bit typical of me; if I get a letter like that I get a bit upset, but give me enough time to ponder the situation I get assertive. And assertive enough! I'll keep that email; who knows, they might try again in a few years...

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