26 September 2017

Academic year on doorstep

When the academic year approached I was less ready than I had hoped. I had been redesigning lectures, mainly; I also needed to get the websites ready, check the exams, make a new assignment, sort out a practical (more about that later) and suchlike. It got a bit busy! And with a wedding weekend just before Welcome Week, homely tasks had also been piling up.

I decided to skip Monday climbing so I could finish the things I would have wanted to finish on Sunday but hadn't. Then on Tuesday I went to the first Welsh class of the year. On Wednesday I went to the last Casualty Care training session; on Thursday I bailed out of the underground trip so I could stay in the office a bit later, and then do homely things (laundry, and writing my sister a letter) before going to bed early. I wanted to be fresh on Friday for the last full working day before things would properly kick off on Monday, and also on Saturday for the Casualty Care exam!

I did that exam (more about that, too, later) and went fro there straight to the office. I stayed there until 18:30 or so, but I got done what I wanted to get done! That meant I had the Sunday off.

Now the teaching will start properly. I have two lectures back-to-back on Monday. It will be good to get back into it again! And let's hope all goes well!

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