04 February 2017

Ready for another phase of digging

The last session in Dig 2, which lasted 9 hours, killed off my knee pads. I needed to snap into action and sort that situation out! And I have. I had already bought materials for replacement some time ago, and now I had time to put them together. I made them pretty much the same way as the previous pair: buy knee supports, sew a patch of neoprene over the "donut" at the front (these supports tend to leave your patella free), place some padding on the neoprene (the previous time it was the gel from a gel knee pad, now I used silicone sealant), and sew something hard over that. This time I tried 3mm thick leather. It should be hard enough, and it's a lot easier to manage than the hard plastic of industrial knee pads! I hope they'll perform well. And I hope I can put them to use the very next Thursday!

Work in progress

The finished products

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