18 January 2017

Double dressing

I have a rather warm dress. It came in handy at the last wedding I attended; the one of our postdoc Martyn, as it was was both in October and outdoors. I showed up in a more festive dress but rather soon I had to double up on clothing as it got cold.

I once wore the warm dress to the office, but, rather atypically, it got too hot there for it. I couldn't really take it off without being inappropriately dressed. I was stuck with it!

Recently I felt like wearing a dress again, so I did, but it was a thinner one, and I needed all the jumpers in the world on top of it, which made it feel less dressy. These days I am mainly sieving samples in a rather cold lab, so I thought I might wear the dress again. If I would end up in the (warmer) microscope lab, though, it might immediately get too warm. What to do?

I decided to just copy my own behaviour at the wedding and wear a thin (but this time less festive) dress under the thick one. If I end up somewhere warm I can take one dress off! I am sure I have just invented the wheel, but it still felt like I was being rather inventive. When I write this, BTW, it is almost 5PM and I still have not had much need for removing the thick dress. I only had a bit of a moment of doubt when I had lunch with aforementioned Martyn in a well-heated room, but that didn't last long enough for any stripping. I might do this more often! 

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