30 April 2016

Don't climb

I had spent one weekend on my PGCertHE. The next one, I spent one day on my Milankovitch talk. Chores had been piling up! This weekend, I spent all of the Saturday on my trip to Manchester and its extensions. That left the Sunday; I wanted to finally get around to some of the things I hadn't for a while. I started out joining Guy & Kate walking the dog, and later went for a run in the dunes (without camera). Both was lovely! It was a marvellous sunny day.

Pi looking handsome at the shore of Menai Strait

I then did some chores such as washing my hair, doing laundry, removing lots of splinters from my fingers (who had got there during my scramble on the hill the day before), ordering things I needed, phoning my mum, cooking for three days, etc etc. But the day ended before I was done.

The next day the club would go climbing at a rock I expected to be quite similar to the previous one. In other words: one that was too easy! I decided to bail out. I'll wait until a) I don't have much on (not likely), b) the go climb at a more difficult rock so I can climb on top rope and still be challenged, or c) after May the 21st; I registered for a trad climbing course so after that, I migth be able to lead such climbs. That introduces a lot of challenge, and would make an easy rock interesting!

The evening I did not climb I spent learning MATLAB, googling cake recipes (this will be explained later), booking trips home, waxing my washed hair, and reading a letter my sister had written. An evening well spent I'd say! And when will I climb again? Not sure! I hope soon.

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