02 October 2015

Trying to get waterproof again

It is a weird sensation to plonk an iron down into GoreTex. It's plastic, after all! How could that go right. And why would you, anyway? You wouldn't wear GoreTex to a job interview. But I did it and I got away with it.

The (quasi-)annual swamphike was looming on the horizon. And I had found out the hard way that my supposedly best waterproof kit wasn't waterproof anymore, on an Icelandic glacier. And re-waterproofing GoreTex tends to be a futile pursuit, but well, one doesn't have a lot to lose. I bought a bottle of cleaner-annex-re-waterproofer and gave it a go. This brand suggested you iron your kit after applying the stuff; seeme dreasonable. So that's how on a sunny Sunday morning I was using my kitchen table as an ironing board.

It has been sunny ever since. But it won't stay that way! When the weather turns more Welsh I hope to find out what the effects of my attempts have been...

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