08 October 2015


I'm 39 and I enjoy it. I wouldn't for the world go back to being, say, 21. And somehow, that is a riotous concept. Society breathes the concept that for women, the highest aim is youth. Progressing age is bad; it will invariably give you insight and experience and all those marvels but that means nothing; it also makes your skin wrinkle and your breasts sag and that what it's all about. That's why you should be insulted if people ask your age, and you should attempt to not answer. Women are there to please the male gaze so one should never look older than 21.

Am I exaggerating a bit? Well, yes. But I stand by the notion that society brainwashes everyone to overrate youth in women. And I have given in to it for too long. I have too given evasive answers to questions about my age, but no more. I am almost forty and I will not deny it! And yes I admit I still get mistaken for 26 so you could argue it's easy for me to say, but still. I shall try to do my bit to broadcast the notion that age = experience = a good thing!

PS Yes I know with age detoriation can come too. You wouldn't take life advice from someone who suffers severely form Alheimer's. But you all know what I mean!

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