04 March 2014


The first time I ever went into the local dig, called Jenga, I went all the way to the boulder choke at the end. It was the most promising lead in the cave! It may well connect to its neighbouring cave  Excalibur. Connecting these was the whole point of the dig. But we had spent months and months blowing up rocks, cleaning up the mess, stabilizing what was left with scaffolding, and not being able to get anywhere near the place due to flooding. So I had still not been though! Nor had any of us, for that matter.

After the very very wet period that kept me out of my running route too we figured we could give it a try again. When I got to the venue that time most people were already underground. Rich and I went in and headed straight for the boulder choke, where we found Matt and Gary, scaffolding away. It looked like they could keep that up forever, so we decided to go back and joined the others who were shifting mud somewhere for no obvious reason. By the time we were all properly wet, tired, cold and at least 20 kg heavier due to the sticky mud Matt and Gary appeared again. They had had breakthrough! Did we want to go and see? But we left it to the next time. It was time to head out, get clean, and have a pint. Next week’s trip would be exhilarating!

...and it probably will be. But not for me! I got my periodical tonsillitis/laryngitis attack again. The last time that happened it was only the latter, but this time the tonsils are very much involved. I will have to let this trip go! And get all the excitement the week after, hopefully....

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