07 March 2014

Cell division with beds

It’s a hassle to take the panes out of your windows in order to get your spare bed into your house. It’s even more of a pain to get it out of the house the same way. The bed I had bought was so high it couldn’t come up the stairs or through the window, but there was no specific reason why it would have to be that high. As soon as it arrived I figured I had to lower it. Moving house is enough of a hassle without having to take the house apart to let the furniture through! So one day when I had help from Rich we set to work. We turned the bed on its side, and took all the staples out that kept the plastic at the bottom and the cloth on the sides in place. Some people seem to get rather staple-addicted! But we managed. And then we simply sawed the wooden construction in halves. The bottom half, which could easily be a bed in its own right, can go into someone’s wood burner, and the top half remains bed! We screwed the cloth back into position to make the whole look tidy and voila; a bed that fits down the stairs! And my new place will be in such a beautiful corner of the country I bet I’ll have use for a spare bed…

The bed, half its original size. This way it fits down the stairs and out the door!

 The other half. 

And what it looked like later. Ready for a new life as firewood!

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