30 July 2012

Leisure on Bodmin

The email just read "There is to be a five hour guided walk on the archaeology of the area of Bodmin Moor North West of North Hill. This Saturday 28th July, meet at 1000 just West of North Bowda Farm, SX 2450 7740." Lionel, who had sent it, had been characteristically concise. The walk was organised by the Caradon Hill Area Heritage Project. I thought it might be fun!

Hugh thought so too, so on a Saturday morning we drove over s mall country road, and knew we had reached our destination when we saw many parked cars, and a horde of white heads. Archeological walks (and talks) tend to be attended by the somewhat elder fraction of the population. We joined them.

We walked up the hill. We saw the half-wild horses cavorting. We walked down to a stone circle: this would be most of the archeology we would see. And hear about. Most of it was just a stroll past (and through) streams, over hills, past ruined buildings, and past flowery swamps. It was a lovely, leisurely day!

The company

The horses were feisty; at least, some of them.

The stone circle

Sunny fields

Summer on Bodmin

Intrepid explorers: Hugh, Lionel, Lionel's friend John, and our guide, Angus

Two curious horses that made friends with many of us, including the Rottweiler. Just not me...

Charming abandoned farmhouse with ivy roof

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