04 March 2012

More modern technology

It started with an iPod, and it continued with an iPhone. And progress just won't stop there!

My trusted old vacuum tube TV set had developed quirks. Sometimes the screen would be either overwhelmingly green or purple. Switching it off and back on again would help, but it was a sign the poor thing was approaching its retirement age. And I was looking forward to the ease with which a nice, modern, flat, lightweight TV could be moved about. So in a chosen weekend I went to a recycling centre and said goodbye to the bulky old thing (and a few other things as well), and bought a 3kg 19'' flatscreen. You can juggle with these! And there's so much space available in the cupboard! I decided to go past a DIY shop and buy and extra shelf. And while I was at it anyway, I bought more for my cupboard in the corridor. All that space! I will really get myself a tidy house. Splendid.

The screen size doesn't differ too much...

Everything else differs a lot!

Such a tidy cupboard! Compare that with what it was before...

And a tidy corridor cupboard is a nice side effect.

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