10 October 2009

Portugal first message

We´re here, we´ve felt the sun hammering down on our heads, we have eaten the olives right from the trees, we have seen the lizzards scurry away before our feet in the dusty sand, we´ve eaten excellent cheese and chorizo (or courizo or whatever it is they call it here): we´re in Portugal! And we found out that the tourist information lets you go online for 15 minutes at the time. So a chance for a first message.

The report on the trip comes later. The first field day we set out to the salt mashes previously scouted out, surveyed and sampled by the Portugese. We were not impressed. What do you do then? Find a place where you can check google maps. And such places allow access to blogspot too.

Tonight we´ll sieve the first reconnaissance samples. And put them underneath the microsope. And make plans for tomorrow. And, most likely, enjoy excellent food and a cold beer. Tomorrow should be the mother of all Portugese field days! And later this week I´ll upload a decent blogpost! With pictures. Stay tuned.

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