01 October 2009

Blending in

Things go fast now! A few days ago I received a National Insurance Number (NIN), and yesterday I found an announcement in the mail of me having been rewarded with a bank account. Yay! I can get paid! It will be late october by that time but better late than never.

And this morning I went to brush up my driving skills. These are adapted to winding mountain roads with no other traffic, on the right side of the road, with a "continental" car. Plymouth is different! So I got into the Vauxhall (of course!), the driving instructor got me to a quiet spot, and off we went. It even was a diesel. Changing gear with left turns out to be hardly an issue, but man does that feel strange, to have the bulk of the car on your left! It feels like someone has amputated your right shoulder and added it onto the left side of your body. All odd and unnatural! But taking that into account it was not going so bad really. I once skirted the kurb when I was fidgeting with unfamiliar configurations inside the car, and that was it. We even went onto the dual carriage way. And onto all major roundabouts downtown. All fine! The instructor was pleased with me.

Next month I will not only have received salary, but as well end up being solely responsible for the driving on the second half of the Isle of Wight fieldwork. Bring it on!

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