17 August 2009

Very last hike

I woke up with a massive hangover. Of course. Helgard and Carsten were not at their best either. But the weather was good! So I tried to gather myself for a last walk in the amazingly beautiful surroundings. Mats was phoned; he had not misbehaved so much on the party, but he had instead managed to catch a cold. So quite congruently he was feeling like crap too. Carsten was not as worthless as I was, so he could responsibly drive, so we picked Mats up and went to Kroken. I did not desire a demading hike; just being awake was already demanding enough. And near Kroken it is easy to reach my favourite landscape: bare rocks! So we drove there. And found ourselves a path up. Tromsø greeted me with blueberries and cloudberries. And with a view that made me sad. And with valued friends, and soft heather to lie on, while looking at the clouds.
One last time Carsten cooked dinner, and after dinner I hugged Mats goodbye. I did not dare bring him home. Leaving Tromsø hurts, and the pain is sharpest at Heimveien.
After Mats left I almost immediately went to bed. I was so tired...

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