26 August 2009

Huzzah for worldly possessions

Don't believe those who say worldly possessions tie you down! Enslave you! And such things. No, they liberate. Some do, anyway, and with N=1 also r2=1.

I mentioned already I came prepared with a bicycle pump, of course. And a puncture repairing kit. But that I ended up with incompatible valves. Meaning I could not inflate my own tires, nor do it at a gas station. Panic! The tires were not that hard...
I was biking through town (those looking for a house bike a lot) with the constant nagging feeling in the back of my head that I was living in borrowed time. Of course a soft tire is a solvable problem: find somebody with a fitting pump and smile cutely. But I already have enough to deal with! And I also knew the tires had moved around a bit in the time I was walking around with fresh from the airplane, flat tires. But I could not correct that without a fitting pump!

And then a saviour descended. On the way from a viewing I came near a bicycle shop. And I seized the opportunity. The very heroic employee bravely sold me a little adapter thingy. I cherished it like gold. Now my pump fits! And I am independent again. Glowing with relief I freed the inner tube of its awkward position, and inflated them to a proper pressure. The world has become a better place.

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