21 December 2018

Thursdaynighters Christmas Dinner

I don't think I've ever blogged about our annual Christmas meal! One reason is that I don't tend to take pictures, and I know a blog post without can be a bit dull. And what is there to say about Christmas dinners? Not much. They are a bit same-ish! You gather, have a drink, have too much food, then perhaps have more drinks, and go home. We quite often go to The Royal Oak in Betws-y-Coed. We had once gone to a hotel in Caernarvon. And this year we were in the university! That would feel a bit odd. And the restaurant in the Main Arts building is not an academic place, but still.

We gathered in Bellevue. We had time for one beverage! And then we moved on to the university building. Many of us had never been! Not to the restaurant, anyway. But it looks OK. A bit more official than the Thursdaynighter group, but hey ho.

I am quite the lightweight these days! I had one beer in the pub and one glass of wine in the restaurant, and it felt like a lot of alcohol. And my dinner was vegan! The only vegetarian option they offered happened to be vegan. I can see why; that way you cater for all without having too many items on the menu. And it was good! But too much, of course; I couldn't finish (even half-finish) desert.

Just after we had had tea Miles announced he had to go. No after-dinner drinks for us! I had accepted an offer of a lift home from him; he would drive straight past my house (quite unlike most TNers who live the other way). So we skedaddled! I sort of wish we would start these events a bit earlier; our reservation was not until 19:45 and we showed up late too. And then you have to rush home as soon as the food is eaten! But it was lovely to see everyone. Maybe next year I take a picture too!

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