10 December 2018

The first paint on the wall

Painting is generally the last thing you do! But there is a cupboard in the landing I had my eye on for a painting trial. Rose used it as a place to hang coats. I figured it was the wrong place for that, and I decided to use it as a traditional cupboard with shelves. Jitske very obligingly ripped out the rod from which the coat-hangers hung, and the hat shelf. Now what was left was a mint green recess! And I want to slowly rid the house of all the mint green that's currently there.

This cupboard was a good place to start; I intend the landing to be the first room to be finished, but of course it isn't finished until that cupboard is done. And it's a small-scale project; I can do that myself before the workmen come.

One day I filled up the holes with polyfilla, and then one drizzly Sunday I took up a brush for the first time. That green is fading! And one coat is clearly not enough, but with two coats I'm sure the painfulness of the original colour will have vanished. And then I should make shelves! Probably quite some work, but then I have a lovely cupboard. And then when plasterer and painter and stove installer have been (and I have put the radiator back, and the curtain rails, and have replaced the door) the place is done. I can't wait!

The first splashes of paint! 

No more mint green to be seen! It took three coats...

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