26 July 2018

Dr Li

I tend to have lunch with whatever people reside in the office obliquely below me. It's a tradition that somehow started! And it's nice. The inhabitants change but the new ones are always friendly.

There used to be a Chinese woman in there: Jingnan. And of course she was nice! But  she worked hard, and finished her PhD thesis. I had the honour of proof-reading one of her chapters.  And then went back to China. She had to; visa reasons!

She would come back for her graduation. And her ex-office mates had organised a dinner for her. And I went! It was good to see her again.

She now works for a commercial company, and has something to do with forecasting typhoons. A worthy cause! But it sounded like hard work. But now she wasn't thinking about that; she was with us, celebrating her achievements!

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