28 February 2022

Quarantine lifted for the fully vaccinated

Suddenly, travel restrictions were lifted! Suddenly, you could travel from the UK to the Netherlands without going into self-isolation! That meant that I could consider travelling. So when would be a good time? In early spring, there is such a thing as "reading week" in the University. It's not really a holiday, but it is a week in which there are no contact hours with undergraduate students. These are expected to spend some time on coursework. I think the origin of reading week is actually that there were some entire days free in which people could timetable fieldtrips. But either way; that would be a good time for a trip across the Channel. I tentatively booked. And then just hoped that the rules wouldn't change before I would travel! As happened the previous time.

The rules are now quite relaxed; I need to get an LTF test with negative result before I fly out, and I need to fill out a form in which I explain why I don't have to self-isolate, and I need to have a covid pass. And that's it!

I really looked forward to finally seeing people like my mum and my sister again! By coincidence, my dad was out of the country himself, so I wouldn't see him. But I think it is likely that travel restrictions will never go back to how strict they were before, so I think it will be easier to come back. And my Finnish sister has already announced her first trip here! International travel, here we come again!

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