09 October 2013

There goes my voice again

There we go again! No sound emerging from my throat on Monday. Except some gunky coughs. It was due, I suppose; it happened twice in 2010 and once at the end of 2011. I managed to speak all through 2012 and most of 2013. It couldn't last forever!

People have assumed I partied extremely hard during my weekend in the South, but actually I didn't! I suppose I was a bit under the weather to start with. I am resigned; I just went home early-ish and went to bed at a good time. And drank Lemsip, and lemon juice with honey. And hoped it would go away soon. It seems to be a case of laryngitis only, and not, like the previous time, combined with tonsillitis!

On Tuesday I got out my little notebook, in case I needed to speak without voice. But I could already speak very softly! I'll just go go on speaking little and sleeping lots, and enjoying internet because that's the place where I can still speak as loudly as I want!

 Laryngitis rarely comes alone

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