16 October 2013

Birth of a gardener

One is never too old to find new talents. Living, for the first time since leaving home, in a house with my own outside space, I am getting more and more into gardening. Maybe a better term would be potted-planting, as it’s not really a garden, but it boils down to the same thing. And I notice I am enjoying it! I make a daily round past my plants, in- and outside, and I take a very unglamorous pleasure in finding new flower buds or emerging new leaves. And when I moved in I bought a 20L bag of soil; now I’ve bought the next!

The next job for the soil will be house my new heather plants, and help replace the now dying marigolds with multiyear plants. And maybe a larger pot for some of my indoor plants. I am a bit afraid that in an inevitable next house I won’t have much space for them, and that moving all these plants will be a pain, but hey, let’s enjoy this while it lasts!

Let's see how these fare; I suppose they prefer poorer soil. Let's hope they make do with what I gave them too!

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