28 April 2013

Logistics of moving house

It sounds so simple. You find yourself a new apartment, pay the deposit and get the key, and go back to your old apartment. There you pack your stuff, have a removal company pick it all up, have the cleaner come in, evaluate the result with the letting agency, and hand back the keys. Then you go to the new apartment, let the movers in; they deposit the stuff and leave, and then you can make your new abode your home.

But this might involve some time travel. As soon as the movers have your stuff they start driving. You're supposed to be on the other side first, to let them in, so you'd better jump in your car and race them. But then you have to be at two places at the same time. because you also have to let the cleaners in, oversee the result, and liaise with the letting agency.

Recycled pic from 2009

And how would you get the keys of the new place? I intend to go up there,decide on a place, and pay the deposit. But would I already get the keys? Quite likely I won't. Will they be willing to send them to me by mail? I hope so! Otherwise it'll get worse: I'll have to be at no fewer than three different places at the same time: my old apartment, my new apartment, and the new letting agency. A bit of a challenge! But I can't imagine I'm the only one who is faced by this issue of one person moving house, and the removal company driving it all up in one go. So I trust I'll find a way!

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