17 April 2013

Caving only? Not quite.

This is turning into a veritable caving blog. Is that right? Well, I'm not sure. Is it a representative picture of my life? No, far from it! So why has it turned out that way? Well, my life these days is dominated by work on one hand, and getting ready for moving to York on the other. And that doesn't really make for good blog posts. When my manuscript gets submitted I'll blog about it, but not before. And the getting ready for moving involves a lot of boring stuff like getting quotes from removal companies and bringing stuff to charity shops. So that doesn't get much attention here.

The caving, however, is rather spectacular these days. My last weeks in the southwest happen to coincide with Rick being keen to get through his wishlist of difficult to access mines he'd always wanted to have a look at but never got around to. So he has lots of interesting trips up his sleeve! And I'm very keen to enjoy this region as much as I can before I leave. So those not interested in caving: It'll get better in a week or two! And for the rest: enjoy!

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