31 March 2013

Easter at Brentor

If you have an office to yourself, you can play music whenever you like, hang out your smelly running kit only at your own peril, and make phone calls without feeling guilty about disturbing anyone. But sharing your office comes, provided your office mates are nice, with more advantages. Having nice people around is always good, and office mates might function as some emergency helpdesk if you come across thing that don't do what you expect. And they can water your plants when you're away. And office mates are, literally, so close to you they might become very good friends. And I'm lucky with the ladies I share with. Two of them are not in very often, but one is; I've become rather attached to her. And it might even be mutual; she invited me and Hugh over for dinner. And a nice walk on the moors with the dog beforehand.

She had incidentally picked the nicest day of practically the entire spring. We drove up in the sun, drove straight past the house at the first attempt, but found it upon turning back, and were welcomed by her, her husband, and her dog, who immediately grabbed a sock out of somewhere and started to restlessly lug it around by means of appreciation. The children were elsewhere and the cat chooses to stay away from the dog. And after a cup of tea we gave in to the dog's almost unbearable anticipation, and went out.

Nicky lives right next to the moors, in a small village. When I grow up, I want to live that close to natural beauty too! But for now I'll enjoy it with a bit more effort. We walked over a hill, with the dog zig-zagging around us, darting from stick to stick, and enjoying himself immensely. And upon return we had a nice meal while the exhausted dog snored in his basket. If my next job involves office mate I hope that's as good as it is here!

Dartmoor in the evening light

The dog had dropped its stick in the deepest and muddiest puddle in the far surroundings

He looks a bit embarrassed about his state...

Dramatic evening sky with the silhouette of Brentor Church

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