16 October 2012

New age dawning

I have a newspaper next to my computer these days. Or a scientific article. If I open a programme, say Word, I can spend my time usefully by reading up on the world while the software loads. Or when I open a file. Is it supposed to be that way? No. Is it worth hassling the support desk about this again? (They’ve been called in many times to see if the bloody thing can be sped up a bit.) And the answer is: no! I’ll get another one at the end of the month! I know we won’t get the best of the best, but surely, it can’t be as bad as what I have now. And it’ll be a laptop! That will be good for fieldworks and conferences. I look forward to it. And I’ll just read the newspaper at home, over breakfast!

Word starting... and starting... and starting...

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