08 February 2010

Two seasons in a weekend

Friday I was in the lab, and I was done with what I was doing at five. Five! A difficult time. To take up a new chore, or go to the office? I decided to do the wise thing, and not overwork, but just get some office-things done while having some sandwiches, have a quiet pint, and go home.

Entering the building I saw Roland was still there. I had something to discuss with him, so I first dropped by at his office. To deliver my message, and then fall into the trap of immediate pub-going. Sometimes it takes too little to drag me off.

Not only Roland was there. Lots of people! Nice people. New people, as well. Normally you're surrounded by Brits, but this time Roland and I, while talking English, were immediately recognised as Dutch by a passing Belgian, who introduced us to his Dutch PhD student with his equally Dutch girlfriend. And later I ended up playing (very crap) pool with three Frenchmen, one of them also being a protégé of the Flemish guy. The latter by the way confirmed Sinterklaas actually visits Plymouth!

Do I have readers who don't know where this is going? Probably not. The beer went like a torrent into my very empty stomach. I don't even know when I left. And I came to regret that the day after. It was an enchanting spring day, and I don't even like spring! But I was in no shape to enjoy this unusually pleasant vernal interval. I was in a perfect shape to lay on my couch and decide I was a jerk who got into her own way. Such a day! And would the evening before have been any less fun without alcohol, or at least with moderation? Not very likely. I still haven't learned. Ah well.

I did drag myself out, trying to find materials for a superdeluxe mining lamp. One of the cavers is a light technician who is willing to help me rebuild an old club light into something state of the art! And probably an old club lamp would do the trick quite well, but I'm fascinated by this possibility of touching on the processes behind. And I ended up crossing town from south to north and west to east, but I found nothing of the materials I was looking for. At least I found fresh air and a lovely sunset.

I was supposed to go onto another drinking spree that night. I don't think so! I heard through the grapevine that the French were tougher than me, and all three showed up, but I admitted defeat, and went to bed early.

The next day spring was gone. We got autumn in return. The season of repentance? Redemption? I don't know, but it fit quite well. I decided to sharpen my car skills, and check if my satnav would have come to her senses. In other words: go to the Moors. But I think that would be a new posting. This is getting long!

And maybe this posting will reassure some people. I already got comments my blog nowadays is all about science, caving and the Moors, of which only one is a social thing, and that that strongly contrasts with my blog as written in Norwegian times. Which is true! But here finally something about people and alcohol. Followed by a hope that next time I can restrict myself to people, science, caving, and the Moors...

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