24 January 2013

New running routine

It didn't go right the first time around, but I think I now have myself sorted out! Running-wise, that is. I already blogged about my New Year's resolution to get running again, and how that ended in tonsillitis. Not a great start. But I waited until my throat had retrieved its normal proportions and tried again. And now I have developed a stable-looking habit of going for a run before work every second day. It isn't the easiest routine; I'm not a morning person. Especially on the physical front. And it being January, it also is rather cold and dark at the hour I now run. That doesn't help either. Neil already remarked that such difficulties only make it better; I disagree, but I am glad I seem to make it work. It's none too early either; next month I'll be dragging very heavy backpacks over the Norwegian hills! I'll be needing all the fitness I have for doing that!

This is what my new style runs look like: with lots of (hi viz) clothes on, in the dark!

Devonport Park is better for running through when the sun sets, but well, it could be worse than this!

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