25 January 2013

For both lab and car

Driving is boring! And microscope work can be too! And boring activities are best alleviated with music or other entertaining sounds. These were in short supply; my car radio had stopped working years ago, and a few months ago the DAB radio in the lab decided to only work by high exception. We still have an old analogue radio that's just willing to play some Radio Devon (with some white noise for free) if you ask nicely. Not ideal! And in both venues, wearing earplugs has distinct disadvantages. So I decided to kill two birds with one stone and by a DAB radio of my own. And not just any; one with an iPod docking station. It works on both mains and batteries, so it can come with me into the car, into the lab, and wherever else I want to listen to music. Or BBC4. Or my iPod, if no radio station has anything to my liking, or the signal is bad. And it works well! I already once worked later in the lab than intended, because i couldn't rip myself away from the radio. And in the car it turns out to fit snugly onto the dashboard, and to not start to slide or fall off, even when I do a U-turn! I'm quite happy with it. Bring on the long drives, and the endless forams!

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