17 January 2013

Beach jewellery

Prancing around a beachduring working hours? Why not! And while you’re at it anyway, you might as well collect some potential jewellery. I can’t resist looking at pretty pebbles when I’m on a beach, and I had recently figured out that nice things found on a beach can quite well function as jewellery. 

When I had decided to make earrings of my belemnite, I had bought some earring hooks in a craft shop in town. I had seen they sell or sorts of findings (one of these quite niche words I’m glad to have come across); why stop at making jewellery of things you can either drill a hole through or wrap a wire around? You can also just glue anything to a silver plated thingamabobby and dangle it in such a hook! So while Roland was surveying the beach (which is a one person’s job) I rummaged around in the pebbles, looking for those that were small, decorative, and preferably came in pairs. I found plenty! So the next Saturday I went back to the craft shop, bought all sorts of metally bits and a pot of glue, and off I was! Later that day I had four pairs of pebbles standing in a little bowl of salt (I figured that would prop them up), with the glue, that would attach them to the findings, drying. And the next day I had four pairs of new earrings! And I have more pebbles. And now I’ve gotten the hang of this, who knows what I might declare jewellery next…

The glued pebbled drying in the salt

And the finished products!

And some more, made later! I figured the tiny stone tools I had found near Stithians Reservoir were potential jewelery too...

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