25 September 2023

First and last walnut harvest

 I bought the house knowing there were a plum tree and an apple tree in the garden. That pleased me! Good I thought but I could possibly add to the garden. I not only like fruit; I also like nuts. So I decided to buy a walnut tree. And then, of course, the retailer of all the trees suggested I buy two, and I did. And that spring they started to take their life in my garden seriously.

Fast forward four years. There is good and bad news! The good news is that the biggest walnut tree has now produced its first walnut. I suppose very young trees put their energy in getting bigger, and can't afford to make fruit yet. The other three isn't at that stage yet.


The bad news is that I decided to my garden is actually not big enough for these two trees.

My neighbour subtly explained that both my plum tree and apple tree are dwarf varieties, and I had bought "normal" walnut trees. They would become huge! And the one that made the walnut is already on its way to do just that. And it is taking over the garden. The small isn't, but that probably means it's not very happy. I have decided they have to go. I intend to chop the big one down, and try to dig out the small one. Maybe someone else can give it a home.

I'm not quite sure when I will find time for this, but their days are counted. It was a nice idea but sometimes poor execution means you have to abandon it! And I can just buy my walnuts from the whole foods co-op instead…

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