04 March 2023

Nobody goes to a wedding celebration

Dedicated readers of this blog will notice that still no announcement has come regarding my dating life. In the last update, the count of dates had come up to 14. And we are well beyond that by now. Something is clearly going right! But some conditions still need to be met before I am willing to make a big announcement.

In the midst of this lack of progress, a very old friend of my date had got married abroad, and would have a modest celebration in the country. Would I want to come? And I had said that I was interested, but I also figured that that would mean the conditions should be met before that time. Are you really going to drag someone to a wedding celebration if you are not yet in a relationship? And I expected it to be sorted, but there was a bit of a spanner in the works and it didn't happen. But I still agreed to go to said wedding celebration.

This is a bit the wrong order to do things in I suppose, but now I have met several of his old friends, and one of his siblings to boot. It was lovely to meet them! But I do hope this situation will move on soon. Watch this space!

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